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Obi Cubana Burial

Obi Cubana Burial

Obi Cubana Burial: How I Made My 1st One Million

Obi Cubana Burial
Source: Google

Obi Cubana Burial was done during the weekend in Oba Anambra State in Nigeria and he made his first one million in real estate…listen to him below;

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I was in Abuja when someone introduced him to real estate business, where he met a client who wanted to furnish a house.

After furnishing the house for the client, Obi Cubana was gifted N500,000, as he also made over N600,000 in profits for the job.

That was the first N1.1 million I made before I joined contract work in Abuja. I signed a contract with PPMC, made a little money, then bought my Mercedes V-boot,” he said.

He revealed that he invested the money he made into a garden beer parlour before he established Cubana, which has now gained national and international prominence.

Obi urged people to desist from thinking that wealth must come through illegal means.

In the same vein, he advised people to be straightforward and honest in their dealings, as that will open more doors of success for them.

Obi Cubana Burial
Credit: Google

The 46-year old business man from Anambra state in the eastern Nigeria who is into entertainment and hospitality business, is from Oba in Idemili South.

Obi Cubana said many things about his early business life and how he got started.

The business mogul who did the burial of his mama at his hometown in Oba over the weekend of 16, 17, 18 July, 2021, which become the biggest story for social media, talked about the role of his parents in his  education and how  he made his first N1m ($2,400).

The Burial

Over the weekend of 16, 17, 18 July, 2021, the burial of Obi Cubana mama, which took place in his hometown Oba, become Nigeria biggest story for social media and there is why.

The story began to fly up and down that Obi Cubana will by Friday immortalise his mama with pendant and neckpiece  worth $100,000 and that the ceremony will cost even more.

It happened like this because we promised our mama that when she clock 80 years, the type of carnival we will do, nobody has done it in this world

Obi Cubana explained why his mother burial was talk of the town.

As the mother now dies in December 2020 before she clocks 80, they now channelled all their energy to the burial.

First One Million Naira

The Political Science graduate said after his graduation, he served the National Youth Service (NYSC) in Abuja in 1999 and he was posted to the National Assembly.

At the same time Obi Cubana joined real Estate Agent work, to market land and real estate property.

“From there I hear 5% for the first time in my life!”

But his break through come according to him, when he met one client who gave him house furnishing contract.

“We do [di job] well o, e dash me N500k…inside di job my profit come be like N600 and something [thousand], so na N1.1m be that.”

And other jobs follows later.

“I do small contract for PPMC, make small money that time buy my V-Boot [Mercedes Benz car], na so we come start life.”

Mama and Papa

The business mogul praised his parents very well on how they raised him and his siblings, especially his mother, who he say became everything for them after their father demised 15 years ago.

“And his mother took the role of the father and mother… before you go she must pray for you, after she go pray for you,” the Lagos based businessman said this about his mother

He said his mother is a teacher in the primary school which he also attented: Central School, Oba.

Money spraying

Credit: Google

Obi Cubana defended the spraying of currency notes in the ceremony by guests, saying na dem get dia money and so dem fit spend am anyway dem like.

“How I go plan make pipo troway money, carry am bath? Di money na dem get am… na dem get dia money na dem get dia style.

Those pipo no be pipo wey I fit tell ‘do dis or do dis’… but I feel say na love dem wan come show.

E dey illegal as per Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) Act regulation to spray di naira currency because dem consider am to be ‘abuse and defacing’ wey carry risk of “imprisonment for term not less than six months or fine not less than N50,000 or both”.

‘No soap to cut’

Dem no dey cut soap for anybody for dis world!

Obi Cubana advice pipo say if dey dem pray for consistency in dia handiwork, make human connections wit pipo, you go dey waka for di road of success.

E say within 2 years of doing di tins im tok, pesin business go get head.

Work, pray, be good, you don make your own soap be that. Na so e be.”

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