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Land For Sale At Ibeju Lekki: 5 Effective Ways To Get It Cheap

Land For Sale At Ibeju Lekki: 5 Effective Ways To Get It Cheap

How To Buy Cheap Land For Sale At Ibeju Lekki And Environs

Land for Sale at ibeju lekki
Land for Sale at ibeju lekki

Land for Sale At Ibeju Lekki:  lekki is the new Dubai of Africa, as a result of this many multinationals are rushing to site their companies at Ibeju Lekki. Companies like FABREM project int’l ltd, Eletu International Company, Lekki Free Zone Development Company, Dufil (makers of Indomie, Power oil, etc) and to say but few are already at Ibeju Lekki.

If all these companies are siting their company at Ibeju Lekki, why not position your self to where the traffic is.

Today I want to talk about how to how to buy cheap land for sale at ibeju lekki and environs.

Land for sale At Ibeju Lekki

Real estate investors are always looking to maximizing their investments by making great Returns On Investments (ROI) in the shortest possible time.


While some are profiting after the transaction using the Buy & Hold approach, some smart and experienced investors are cashing out big during the negotiation stage.

In fact, buying properties below the prevailing market prices increase it’s liquidity and ensures you are in profit from the get-go.

Land for sale At Ibeju Lekki

Here are 5 Ways to get Dirty Cheap land for sale at Ibeju Lekki

Distress sale

When you want to get cheap land for sale at ibeju lekki, distress sale is a common one. This is a situation where the property seller is in dire need of money to finance other projects or fund personal expenses & lack the luxury of time to wait & sell at market prices. The seller reduces the price below the market price as an incentive to buyers. This will make the property attractive and hence get sold faster.

To take on distress sale, ensure you do super due diligence to ensure the property is not undergoing any form of encumbrances like foreclosure or litigations.


– a property auction is a marketplace of buyers & sellers of properties where buyers can make an offer on a property. At auctions, the prices are determined by the market. The process is fast as it allows the buyers/sellers to conclude on the spot. The listing/agency fees here are also relatively lower. This is popular in more organized real estate markets such as the UK & the US.

Off-Plan Sales

– The term “Off-Plan sales” is one of the ways I have personally used to get cheap land for sale in ibeju lekki, it is refer to making a property/house available for purchase before it has been completed.

There are many pros to buying Off-Plan Property, but typically, the main benefit is that you can secure the property at a much lower price. Usually, the closer to completion, the higher the price becomes.

Buying a property off-plan means that investors can get the lowest possible price for a particular unit. It also means that the investor has freedom of choice and will be able to select the best units in the development. This will significantly increase the chances of gaining the maximum return on investment possible.

New locations

– A wise investor says, “Find where people are headed and get there before them”. If you know locations that are far from the city center but developments have not reached there yet, buy some properties there and wait especially if there is government presence in the area. The higher the number of proposed developments in such areas, the faster the rate of return. One of such areas is the Ibeju-lekki corridor in Lagos state.

New launches

– Most real estate developers offer attractive discounts during groundbreaking or launch of new projects/estates. This is a good opportunity for off-takers to enjoy reduced prices below the market value. One of such is the Gracias Estate Goldstone.

This apartment is sharing common boundaries with the popular Novare Mall ShopRite which is the biggest Shoprite shopping mall in Nigeria. With your 11m on Gracias Estate Goldstone, you can get for yourself 2 Bedroom Apartment, and when you make a 50% initial deposit (You Can Spread The Balance Over 3 Months) And Get N1m Discount.

Currently, when depositing at least 20% for any of the apartments, you are qualified to pick up a raffle ticket and win whatever item written on the ticket. Items you can win include but not limited to Toyota Camry Cars, Household Appliances, (Fridges, TVs, Washing Machines, Gas Cookers, etc) and even Plots of land.

If you are looking for a good deal on a   land for sale at ibeju lekki axis, don’t miss this. Click here for more information on Gracias Estate Goldstone Here

Wаnt tо invest in land for sale at ibeju lekki that’s free from Omonile in Lagos Nigeria аnd don’t knоw hоw tо gо аbоut it? Schedule a talk with оnе оf оur experts. Click thе link bеlоw tо schedule.


For more enquiries and inspection on land for sale at ibeju lekki, call or WhatsApp +2348060979915


Nonso Bosah

Real Estate Consultant Property Investment Property Ownership Property Sales & Marketing Property Management

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