How To Buy Affordable Lands In Ibeju Lekki

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Gracias Goldstone Sangotedo

THE duo of Messrs Chudi Kalu, Founder, Africa’s Property Investment Group AFPING, and Alex Adefarasin, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Arkbridge Integrated Limited, a Lagos-based real estate development firm, at the weekend disclosed the massive opportunities that abound in the Ibeju-Lekki corridor, Lagos, in terms of property investment along the axis.

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The property experts who are the promoters of ‘Silent Lekki Investment Option’ who jointly spoke to Vanguard Homes & Property on the benefits of investing in Lekki property market, said investment thinking individuals who want to retire well in the future should invest in something that can generate extra money or cash-flow for them outside the regular take-home monthly package, pointing out that investment in landed property in Lekki axis is a guarantee to retire well.

According to Kalu, the wealth of Lagos is moving to Lekki and its environs because of its potentials arising from its status as a Free Trade Zone FTZ, which has subsequently attracted massive investments within the zone such as the Deep Sea Port, Dangote Refinery, International Cargo International Airport, the proposed 4th Mainland bridge, and others.

He said with the development of Lekki free trade zone expected to have 400,000 workers, a lot of people are now moving to the area which will trigger off demand pressure, pointing out that this is why it is advisable to invest in property in the zone for future, as such investors will benefit from the influx of people to the area.

He disclosed that the unconfirmed report has revealed that “Lekki will generate more than 70% of Lagos wealth by 2025 and the reasons are very obvious to any smart investor. By this revelation, it, therefore, implies that only those who understand the trends can make money investing in what I call the Silent Lekki Property market”.

Buttressing his reasoning, AFPING boss postulated that “Owning real estate investment means one of the surest ways to build and save. Now imagine you own a real estate investment that you can grow in value by over 70-100% in one year. Now, we can use our idea and expertise to help you as a discerning investor with a strong property interest in property investing in the Lekki-Epe corridor to profit massively from the investment.

“Opportunities abound in the Lekki-Epe corridor to earn massive consistent returns on a fully collateralized investment. However, accurate knowledge of how the investment system works is the key to making solid returns in this region. The Lekki property market is an exciting market but more thrilling and profitable is the market that about 4,500 out of 180 million people know about. “We call it the silent Lekki market because nobody is talking about it. As they say, the best deals cannot be googled or televised. But, here you have the chance to seek out a profitable Lekki property deal that produces cash-flow from day one.

“If you feel that you have been rigged out of Lekki property market when you did not have the opportunity to partake in the transactions of Lekki Phase 1, you have the unique privilege of overturning the deficit in your favor now by understanding and getting involved in the biggest yet most exclusive property market in Africa.

“Like what happened at Lekki phase 1 when people were being begged to buy plots of land at very affordable price but people were not interested because it was then known as Maroko, we are saying that property in Ibeju-Lekki axis is highly affordable now, but like Lekki phase 1, property in Ibeju-Lekki corridor will equally become very lucrative and in high demand in the nearest future. This is why it is important to invest there now to avoid regret as those who couldn’t take advantage of Lekki phase 1 initially, are now lamenting”, Kalu said.

Giving insight on the silent Lekki investment option seminar which is billed to take place at Sheraton Hotel Ikeja this Saturday, the founder of AFPING noted that the forum will not only provide participants with powerful insights and latest money-making tips in investing in Lekki property but will also create a platform for them to meet with professionals and entrepreneurs who have made solid returns in the region as well as the opportunity to invest in what they invested in.

“This forum will show you offers that have a very good chance of capital growth within 12 months period with high returns. Now because of the strong market analysis, it is also certain that as much higher returns will be the gains that could be obtained if you get to keep your property but you definitely will not experience a loss on your property investing that this program hopes to offer.

In early 2011, James was introduced to a cash-flow buy-back investment in Lekki. Among the options available to him, he opted to invest in an upcoming estate development in Lekki. To secure the deal, James invested N28million in a fully guaranteed investment option.

“Immediately, he received a deed of assignment for a property with a certified copy of excision and gazette valued at N35million plus a bond to receive a minimum of 40% of his actual investment in 18 months. In just five months, his property has grown in value by 50% and his funds are still intact”, Kalu explained.

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Corroborating Kalu, Adefarasin said, “If you have been following trends in the real estate market, you will observe that the conditions are right investing in Lekki, but smart investors who are incorporating the concept of private or silent Lekki property market into their investment operation have upped their games by investing in exclusive, collateralized and guaranteed property deals”.

The managing director of Arkbridge who disclosed that it makes economic sense to invest in a private and secure property investment deal that is guaranteed to help one retire rich, said investors have the opportunity to invest in a silent Lekki investment option within its Harbour Breeze Location, Lekki, where land sells at N9,000 per square meter. He added that the projection schedule on the land is expected to grow by 8-10% every month within 18 months interval (between June 2017 – December 2018).

According to him, profits are guaranteed in a buy-back agreement by the developer to buy-back the property from the investors within 18 months for 50-100%, and investors are not under obligation to sell back to themselves if they find a buyer who can buy above what the developer is offering. “That means, the investors will enjoy full returns on their investment without any form of risks.

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