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The Aces Bungalow Epe : 3 Important Reasons Why You Can’t Afford To Miss It

The Aces Bungalow Epe : 3 Important Reasons Why You Can’t Afford To Miss It


The Aces Bungalow Epe is one of the side attraction if anything like tourism is to be considered around Epe.

Below are the 3 Reasons why you should invest in The Aces Bungalow Epe.

1. To create quality comfort in a serene environment, we are providing dedicated transformers, with soundproof generators. So you have no worries about electricity.


The Aces Bungalow Epe


2. Because we want you to enjoy your experience at THE ACES , we are providing facilities that compliments your comfort.

3. We all want a stress-free life, at THE ACES we have gone all out to ensure you have not reason to lift a finger to get things done we are providing an errand service that will be at your beck and call.

The idea behind the Aces is to build an environment where people can own homes for residential purposes, for holiday experiences or passive rental income for as long as you choose.

Getting a property at The Aces has been made easy, with ZERO

INTEREST. 12months payment plan that makes it easy to an apartment at The Aces.

The Aces Bungalow

With 64units of 2bedroom terrace bungalows, a unit currently sells for N13.5million and, with an initial deposit of N1.5million. you can secure a unit at The Aces and spread the balance over 12months at ZERO-INTEREST.

Need more information about The Aces Bungalow Epe? Or you are among those looking for property to invest into in Nigeria  аnd don’t knоw hоw tо gо аbоut it? Schedule a talk with оnе оf оur experts. Click thе link bеlоw tо schedule.


Getting a good land documents in Nigeria may be difficult but with the help of professional it will overtake some of your hurdles.

For more enquiries and inspection, call or WhatsApp +2348060979915.


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